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Congratulations to Ugy Sugiarto from Indonesia, who has been chosen by the judging panel as winner of the 2022 portrait competition for his self portrait "Origin of My Body". Soon we will publish all of the chosen finalists and ask for your vote to decide the popular (people's choice) winner. In the meantime, please prepare for the 2023 competition, which will operate on a similar timeline as the 2022 competition.

Theme - The artwork must be a figurative painting or other media portrait of a person that the artist knows. It can also be a self portrait. There must be at least one live sitting where the artist is together with the subject person in the same room during part of the process of making the artwork.

For our 2023 competition planning and management, please register your intent by submitting your name, date of birth, email address, country and estimated submission date using the Registration Form on this page. Registration is required prior to submitting an entry. We will send any competition updates or news to your registered email address. You may withdraw your registration at any time prior to submitting your entry by contacting us.

Use the Entry Form on this page to submit your 2023 competition entry any time after registration, but no later than 31 December 2023.

The competition timeline for the 2022 competition is as follows:

  • 1 October 2021 - 31 December 2022:

    Eligible period for producing the artwork

  • 1 January 2023 - 30 January 2023:

    Selection of Finalists

  • 30 January 2023 - 25 December 2023

    Exhibition of Finalists in Asian Contemporary Art Gallery Online

  • 15 February 2023

    Announcement of main competition winner (SGD 10,000 prize)

  • 4 December 2023

    Announcement of popular winner, as voted by Asian Contemporary Art Gallery members (SGD 1,000 prize)

Please read and comply with the requirements and instructions for submission of your entry to the 2023 Asian Contemporary Art portrait competition.

Each competition entry must include the following five file attachments:

- Artist's CV, including date of birth, education, photograph and career history
- Signed approval letter or statement from the subject person (see below for required text)
- Photograph of the subject person
- Video file showing the artist painting the subject person
- High resolution photograph of the artwork that enables zoom in to see the fine detail

You may also submit other photographs and video files to support your submission.

The following is the required text for the approval letter from the subject person:

I .... (full legal name of the subject person) ... confirm that I have had at least one live sitting for the portrait with ... (full legal name of the artist) ... I agree to the entry of the portrait into the 2023 Asian Contemporary Art portrait competition, and to all terms and conditions of the competition, including use of the portrait image by Asian Contemporary Art Gallery. Signed by: .....[signature]...... ..... [name]...... .... ......[date].......

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